Our History

Our Founder Gene with his mother Marie in front of our first location.

     Goody's Garage, Inc. was started by Gene Goody on April 17, 1967 as Gene Goody's Auto Service. Gene had always dreamed of owning his own garage and on April 17, 1967 he took over the Automotive Repair Shop of Russel E. Fye, which included his customers, tools, equipment, and parts. We were located at 125 South Street, it was a small building with one door. We had no parking lot, only parking meters on the street. It took a lot of nickels in the parking meters and paying parking tickets to make it through a day. After 18 months, we moved to Muskingum Avenue. Since Jim was so interested in the business Gene and Nancy changed our name to Goody's Garage in 1982. Our founder Gene Goody died in 1991, so Jim and his mom, Nancy, took over the garage. We moved to our present location at 578 Pleasant Grove Road in 1980. 


Jim waiting to go on his first service call with his father. 

Gene and Jim working on an engine.

 The Current Owners: Nancy and Jim

    The current owners today are Jim Goody and Nancy George. Gene built the garage on being honest with his customers through the whole process of the repair, to not over charge, and to work hard at saving his customers money on each job and searching for the best prices on parts. This is still the way that his son Jim continues to run the garage today. Jim and Nancy work together to provide the best work for their customers along with saving their customers money on each job that they do.

     Jim is in charge of getting the jobs done and doing them right. He gets parts from different places sometimes, if that is the best way to save the customer money. He must know what is wrong with the vehicle and to know where to get the best price on parts from. Also, he must write the repair orders and he talks with the customers while he is working on their vehicle. He must also keep up on the lastest technology by going to classes and deciding what new tools and equipment the garage needs.

     Nancy is in charge of the bookwork for the garage. Once Jim writes the repair orders it is her job to keep track of them, by she sends out the customer statements and sees that they are paid, even if that means collecting them. She orders supplies, goes after parts and supplies, pays the bills and taxes.

 The Current Mechanics: Jim and George

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